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Anticipation is Better than Reality

When it comes to vacations, when are you happiest? A. One month before you leave B. Three days into the trip C. As soon as you return According to research out of the Netherlands published in the Applied Research in Quality of Life, sadly, we are happiest when we are planning the vacation. In fact, when we return, we are no more happy than the non-vacationer. That’s right, the anticipation of a vacation is better than the reality of being on the vacation. Logic tells me that this doesn’t just apply to vacationers. Expectations are almost always bigger than reality – the bigger the reward, the more likely this is to be the case. Dopamine is hard at work. Dopamine is the chemical released in our brain in anticipation of reward. It drives us to chase the reward – more often and with greater force. Buying anything that we’ve wanted is our dopamine-related reward. Bigger purchase, bigger reward, more dopamine. While we all think that purchases from local stores have an advantage over inter…
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Why I started a logistics company – by CEO Chris Bingham

Some of my friends have started tech companies. I will admit, those guys have started far more sexy businesses than mine. My feeling is that success is sexy. Most of you who know me, know that I don’t define success as making money but rather as making impact. So, I get the question a lot – “Why did you start a logistics company?” My immediate response is usually, something along the lines of – “Some guys were given the ability to dunk a basketball and others with the ability to pack boxes. I obviously drew the short straw…” There is a real three part answer, though: 1. It was time for me to seize the power that I have to create the improvements in our society that I want to make. I was tired of complaining about the things that I can’t change rather than pursuing the power that I do have. I believe that business is the major driver behind most major change in our society. The business opportunity that was at my fingertips at the time that I was ready to move out on my own was logist…