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Why I started a logistics company – by CEO Chris Bingham

Some of my friends have started tech companies. I will admit, those guys have started far more sexy businesses than mine. My feeling is that success is sexy. Most of you who know me, know that I don’t define success as making money but rather as making impact. So, I get the question a lot – “Why did you start a logistics company?” My immediate response is usually, something along the lines of – “Some guys were given the ability to dunk a basketball and others with the ability to pack boxes. I obviously drew the short straw…” There is a real three part answer, though: 1. It was time for me to seize the power that I have to create the improvements in our society that I want to make. I was tired of complaining about the things that I can’t change rather than pursuing the power that I do have. I believe that business is the major driver behind most major change in our society. The business opportunity that was at my fingertips at the time that I was ready to move out on my own was logist…